Creating Windows 8.1 ISO Using Your Win 8 Key To Download Files

I saw someone asked me about how to create Windows 8.1 ISO file and because I already recorded my older video, updating Win 8 to 8.1 that you can watch and read in this post, I tried that method again to create an ISO file, and it didn’t work. (I already updated that post, and it should work again.)

So because I am a typical of person who gets more curious after trying something which doesn’t work, I tried and tried again, also looking for some good resources on the internet, I finally was able to create the Windows 8.1 ISO files using this method.

Basically, all what you need is the 2 set up files for Win 8 and 8.1 (they’re in exe formats) that you can download from Microsoft website, and your Windows 8 key. The Win 8 product key has to be the valid one.

So in short, we will create and have the Windows 8.1 ISO file, using your Windows 8 key, then you can install Windows 8.1 from the ISO file, you will still need to activate after the installation, as shown here.

Downloading and Creating Windows 8.1 ISO file With Win 8 Key

1. Download these files:

Windows 8 setup, called, Windows8-Setup.exe from official website.

Windows 8.1 setup, called, WindowsSetupBox.exe
from Microsoft.

I found these 2 URLs from here.

The two Setup files, Windows8-Setup.exe and WindowsSetupBox.exe
Windows8-Setup.exe and WindowsSetupBox.exe

2. Double click to open the Windows8-Setup.exe (for Win 8 files)

Enter your valid Windows 8 key.

If you encounter getting an error message that says, “We can’t connect at the moment” – Check your Internet connection and try again, it can mean, your key isn’t valid or blocked by Microsoft. So make sure it’s your own key, and based on my experience, try not to use this key for many computers (even your own computer) because it will be blocked after many usages.

We can't connect at the moment error
We can’t connect at the moment error

I got mine blocked because I use it for many installation in my Virtual machine.. So yes, I had to buy another key to demo-ing this post 🙂

Once your key is working, you will see what kind of Windows 8 files you can download, in my case, I have Windows 8 Pro. Click “Next” button.

Windows 8 Product Key is valid
Windows 8 Product Key is valid – Next

3. When it says, “Downloading Windows 8” on 1% complete, click “Pause” button. Close the “Windows 8 Setup” dialog box.

Download and Pause Windows 8 files
Pause after 1% Complete

4. Now, double click to open the WindowsSetupBox.exe to download the 8.1 files.

Download did not complete successfully - Close it
Download did not complete successfully – Close it

If it shows, “Download did not complete successfully” like mine, click “Finish” to close the dialog box.

Re-open the WindowsSetupBox.exe again. It will then, download the 8.1 files. It may take times, so you can do something else while waiting 🙂

5. After the “Checking the download” and “Getting files ready” process done, you will see the 3 options like in this screenshot.

Install by creating media
The 3 options, choose the second

Choose the second, which “Install by creating media” because we want to have the .ISO file. Click “Next”.

Check “ISO file“. Click “Save”

Choose which media to use, choosing ISO file
Choosing the ISO File

I saved mine on Desktop, with the name Windows81.iso.

Saving Windows 8.1 ISO file as windows81.iso
Saving Windows 8.1 ISO file as windows81.iso

That’s it, after all the process is done, you will be able to have the iso file. Then, you can install the new OS using this ISO. Check out my latest tips about this OS.

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