Plugin to Transfer WordPress from Localhost to Server

Installer and archive to download

I personally have many WordPress site on localhost to try stuff, can be plugins, and even copied my live sites to localhosts too.

And if you want to explore WordPress before sign up in a webhosting company, I really recommend you to do this in your local computer first. Click this link, if you want to know I move a WP site to a new server in same domain.

After you are comfortable enough with WP, then you can transfer WordPress from localhost to server that you preferred. You can do this manually, and using plugin.

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Tips To Move WordPress to New Server Using Same Domain

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I always wanted to post a tutorial to move WordPress to new server same domain a long time ago, but for some reasons I haven’t done it.

So in this tutorial, we are going to move WordPress to new server using same domain. I am using which is currently hosted in HostGator (for the demo purpose only) to BlueHost. Obviously, you can replace with your domain name.

This tutorial can be used too from BlueHost to HostGator, or any hosts, I just use them for the demo.

So say, you have a blog now in HostGator, with the name, and you want to move it to BlueHost.

What you want to do first, either move the domain from HostGator to a domain registrant like Namecheap, or bring the domain to BlueHost (as the new host). (While sign up the hosting plan, you need to specify, you already have the domain, and type in your domain box.)

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Based on Experience Octopress vs WordPress

WordPress vs Octopress the default theme

Why do I create this post about Octopress vs WordPress?

Well, I have been using WordPress for almost 5 years, and recently also using Octopress for my private website, so I know both of them, I guess. And I want to share what I know to those who probably wants to start Octopress blog or those who are still in consideration between Octopress or WordPress.

Using WP for years (since 2010) I really like the simplicity to create post and page without knowing html or php coding knowledge.

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