Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV Signature Edition 1080p and Touchscreen

I own this Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV for a few weeks now, and I have not been disappointed . A new Dell touchscreen laptop with the newest OS, Windows 10, with decent specs, minimal bloatware for under 500 bucks, was the one I was searching for.

I paid a lot of attention , looked around yet have I found any laptops which come close aside from refurbished laptops with older CPUs.

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After considering all things, I can say this is the best bang for your buck.

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The NEW Dell i3542-6003BK Touch Screen 15.6″ Intel Core i3 4GB 500GB HD Win 8.1 HDMI

The Dell i3542-6003BK is an affordable and a decent 15.6″ laptop in terms of price. The Intel i3 1.9 GHz processor is a hyper-threaded and dual-core that does its job fine, found no lags while browsing the internet, streaming videos from YouTube, and doing skype. For gaming, I haven’t tested it yet, as I know it is not intended laptop to game. I reckon uninstalling pre-installed software like anti virus speed the Dell 6003BK laptop up.

Compare with similar specs, in this table.

It comes with 4GB of RAM, but it’s upgradeable to max 8 GB, it has bottom cover that has a screw you can open to reach the wifi stuff, hard drive and the memory of the Dell i3542-6003BK. As written above, the basic computing like web browsing, video streaming and video chat with skype can be accomplished pretty nicely with the built-in 4 GB of RAM.

There is nothing fancy with this Dell appearance, but it has decent build quality. The keyboard has number pas, and it has sturdy hinges. Having the 1366 x 768 screen resolution is a little bit disappointing, this said, this laptop doesn’t have the best viewing-angles, although it is pretty ok to do my computing jobs, big plus is it is a touchscreen laptop.

This Dell i3542-6003BK comes with pre-installed Windows 8.1 Operating System, which is a lot better than the previous Win 8. I am getting used to it quick. Click here if you plan to downgrade the OS, but I don’t recommend it, Windows 7 support will be stopped anytime soon. The touchscreen works just fine.

So what will you get for under 400 bucks?

– Touchscreen, decent Intel HD 4400 Graphics
– The newest 1.9 GHz Intel i3 dual-core processor with 04 vrtual cores.
– 4GB of memory, which is expandable to 8 GB.
– 500GB Hard drive.
– Thin and very ergonomic laptop and keyboard design.
– 3 USB ports (2xUSB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0), HDMI and SD Card port that will enable you connecting your laptop to a TV and connecting your camera to the laptop.
– DVD tray drive and webcam
– Power adapter
– Additional software that are included, 30 days trial version of Mc Affee antivirus and Microsoft Office

NEW Dell i3542-6003BK?

For this price (got it best from here), mid range budget device, this Dell i3542-6003BK ticks everything we need.

The newest i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, decent 500GB hard drive space, and the touchscreen display. The USB 3.0 port, DVD optical drive are nice bonus to have up to date laptop and won’t disappoint you for this price. Yes, you can get better laptop with more power processor like i5 or i7, and those that have Solid State Drive, but for under 400 this Dell i3542-6003BK is an excellent device.

Dell Inspiron 15 i3531-3225BK 15.6-in Laptop (Intel Pentium Processor, 4GB RAM) Nice Piece or Not

Dell Inspiron 15 i3531-3225bk is a fully functional laptop under $250, another budget device from Dell.

The minutes using it out of the box, I am blown by the Dell Inspiron 15 i3531-3225BK quality. For $250 I paid for this machine, purchased in this place, the build quality, 15″ screen and the trackpad are just more than I expected. I think this laptop blows away the competitors, especially for a sweet deal like this.

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Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK 15.6-Inch Laptop N2830 Baytrail CPU

I bought this Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK two weeks ago to replace my old (5 years) 17″ Dell notebook, look how you can find the service tag here.

I looked for a laptop with smaller screen size, because with a 17″, it is a bit too big to use it in the lap.

The Dell Inspiron i3531 size is exactly ideal for my need. There are a few similar specs Windows 8.1 laptop that has the same N2830 Baytrail processor, but one has only 2gigs of RAM (this one has 4gigs preinstalled), and the other one (not yet out) has only 3 cell and this laptop has 4.

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Finding Dell Service Tag with Command Line

Dell Service Tag in Command Prompt

You need to find Dell Service Tag if you purchase a new Dell laptop like this one, and you’re in the USA, that will provide you many information, like warranty, your Dell laptop model, the compatibility, upgrade options, etc.

To have this option, you will need a unique number, which contains 7 characters to identify your laptop.

Although in the product support knowledge base, it states not all Dell products have this unique tag, but for laptops and computer, they have Service tag.

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Budget Device Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK)

For Windows laptop users, for streaming YouTube videos like this, installing programs, there is one more news, Dell has released a new Dell Inspiron family, called Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK) early this year with affordable price.

Very unusual for a good computer company like Dell to release an affordable laptop with good specs. People tend to think most Dell laptops are very expensive and not affordable, however they might think different with this one.

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