How I Update Windows 8 to 8.1 With or Without Windows Store

It is probably outdated information, but to add the tip to my own library on this blog, I still want to post it.

I mean, the reason why I want to share it in this website, is because I sometimes need my own tip and I just can look for it here.

I recently don’t use my laptop much, and since it’s dual booted, somewhat, I also seldom using Windows 8, see here to disable the metro and user prompt.

I prefer using Windows 7 still.

So this morning, when I logged into my Windows 8 account, I am seeing an option where I can upgrade it without paying any cents.

So I thought why not, I click on the big image to update.

Note: The installing process needs a while (mine needs more than half an hour), so if you have something urgent to do with your laptop, I don’t recommend this.

But if you have time, then grab your coffee or tea while your laptop installing the Windows 8 update.

Before you actually do the upgrade you should do following:

1. Backup your computer
2. Install all the updates in your computer, here is how to do it.

1. Go to your desktop, right click the Windows icon on the bottom left, and go to “System”.

Navigate to System
Navigate to System

2. Scroll down, you will see “See also” and “Windows update” clickable link, click this.

Knowing if there is update to install
Knowing if there is update to install

3. You should see this “xx important updates are available” if you have some updates to install. Click that link.

Click to see the updates
Click to see the updates

4. Then you will see, “Select the updates you want to install” click “install” button on the bottom right to install all the updates.

Select the updates you want to install
Select the updates you want to install option

Then, you can do the upgrade process to 8.1 version below

Steps to update Windows 8 to 8.1 Pro (With Store in my Laptop)

1. As it’s so simple, there is literally no steps..Just go to Windows Store, be sure you are connected to internet, and your PC is plugged in (if it is a laptop..)

In Windows Store, click the updating Windows 8 image. If your system already has all Windows updates before upgrading, it will let you upgrading immediately, if not, it will require you to update your system first as described above.

2. Grab your tea, and it will be installing automatically.

How about if you don’t have Windows 8.1 update option in your Windows Store? Well this can happen. Example, if you are installing Windows on a virtual machine, you will not be able to see the update option, after installing the system updates.

So how to update Windows 8 to 8.1 version without Windows Store?

I am using a virtual machine. This is what I have done, and it works. However, if your computer has important data, please backup first.

What we are going to do is, first downloading Windows 8 and 8.1 installer from Microsoft official page (the link on Step 1 below). You’ll need your Windows 8 key.

However, the key may not work while you want to install Win 8.1 back, so you will need generic key.

Let’s get started:

1. Download this Win 8 setup – this will open Microsoft download link.

2. Once it is downloaded, go to your “Downloads” folder or anywhere you save it, and open this Windows8-Setup.exe. Enter your Windows 8 product key, it will work if your key is valid and not yet blocked.

3. Then hit “Next” button.

You will see “We can’t connect at the moment” – Check your internet connection and try again error message. If you do, click “Finish” button to close the dialog box.

We can’t connect at the moment error
We can’t connect at the moment error

4. Next, download this Win 8.1 setup. Again, open the file you just downloaded.

Once the dialog box open, your key might not work, and it says “This product key didn’t work. Please check it and try again”. error. I entered my Windows 8 key replacing the previous key (generic one), and it worked. Click “Next”.

It will say, “Windows 8 for you” and give you an option which Windows 8 version to install, mine is the pro version.

Windows 8 for you and the options
Windows 8 for you and the options

Click “Next”.

5. Now, you should pay attention carefully. When it says “Downloading Windows 8”, when it reaches 1%, (it will say, 1% complete” click “Pause” button immediately, and close the dialog box.

Pause the download Win 8
Pause the download Win 8 after 1% complete

6. Now, open the Windows 8.1 installer we downloaded in step 1.
It will say, “Download did not complete successfully” click “Finish” to close it, and re-open it again.

It will immediately download Windows 8.1 files.

7. Once it already downloaded all the files to your PC, it will say, “Install Windows 8.1” it will give you 3 options, “Install now”, “Install by Creating media” and “Install later from your desktop”.

Install Windows 8.1 options
Install Windows 8.1 options

In this video, I choose, “Install now” and click “Next”.

The Windows 8 license key will not work, so I entered the generic key again, and it worked. (I basically switch back and forth between these 2 keys).

Follow the instruction, until you get the “Choose what to keep” option. By default, it says, “Keep Windows settings, personal files and applications” which you should use it if your OS isn’t newly installed.

Choose what to keep before updating Windows 8 to 8.1
Choose what to keep before updating Windows 8 to 8.1

I chose “Nothing” because my PC has nothing to keep (newly installed).

Click “Next”.

The installation will proceed. And once you’re done, you will still need to activate your Windows 8.1

Anyways, this is the latest appearance of Windows 8.1 when this post is written. (another Windows 8.1 tutorial to show hidden files)

1. Switch off/on and search icon right on the start screen.

Windows 8.1 new look - Search and Log out/On icon
Windows 8.1 new look – Search and Log out/On icon

2. Ability to pin the app onto your taskbar when you right click an app icon in start screen.

Right click - Pin to taskbar feature
Right click – Pin to taskbar feature

3. There is a close (x) button on the top right of an opened app, which didn’t exist before.

Closed red button on top right
Closed red button on top right

I guess there are more of that, but these are the difference that I immediately spot after the update.

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