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Hello there!

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I feel like I am a new born blogger..By saying this I mean that, I am not a new blogger. I have run video tutorial blog before, which is in wpvidZ, which is actually my first blog at the time, it was on blog.web6.org, that I unfortunately set it up in my subdomain, and it was aimed for WordPress tips and tricks..

Because I want to share my another experiences with computers, mainly Macintosh and Windows PCs, yeah, I called Mac and Windows are both PCs! 🙂

I really hope this blog can fulfill my hope, which is still helping other people who search for solutions with my tips and tutorials.

If you are interested, please also read my privacy policy.

So lastly, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for, and don’t be hesitated to leave comment if there is a question or feedback. Although I am a mom of two, and quite busy with my daily life, I will try to answer or reply your comments and feedback if it’s necessary.

Alternatively, you can also contact me or just say hello on this page 🙂

Thank you!