Creating Windows 8.1 ISO Using Your Win 8 Key To Download Files

I saw someone asked me about how to create Windows 8.1 ISO file and because I already recorded my older video, updating Win 8 to 8.1 that you can watch and read in this post, I tried that method again to create an ISO file, and it didn’t work. (I already updated that post, and it should work again.)

So because I am a typical of person who gets more curious after trying something which doesn’t work, I tried and tried again, also looking for some good resources on the internet, I finally was able to create the Windows 8.1 ISO files using this method.

Basically, all what you need is the 2 set up files for Win 8 and 8.1 (they’re in exe formats) that you can download from Microsoft website, and your Windows 8 key. The Win 8 product key has to be the valid one.

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How to Convert .bin .cue to .iso File

iso01.iso result file

Converting .bin .cue files to .iso in Mac Mavericks OS X (another Mavericks tips about text edit you can find here). If you use Windows environment, there are a lot of possibilities on doing this. But if you use Mac OS X, there aren’t many options as in PC.

Easily, you can convert .bin and .cue files to .iso file using Toast Titanium, which is sold commercially, although you can have it as a trial version.

Another alternative, we can do it for free. Depending on how your .bin and .cue files were built (sometimes one of them is corrupted), you can do following options.

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