Mac How to Open Hosts File with TextEdit

Edited hosts file with TextEdit on Mac

I have opened my hosts file using many ways many times.

But I find open hosts file with TextEdit is just the easiest for those who aren’t fan of using Terminal. I also wrote a tutorial of TextEdit and Time Machine here. If you want to use the Terminal, you can checkout OSXdaily tutorial.

I have posted how to open this file on Windows OS, and now I want to show you how to do it on a Mac.

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How to retrieve unsaved TextEdit .txt files

TextEdit inside applications

At the beginning of this week, I accidentally closed my TextEdit, and forgot that I actually still need the txt file that I have just created.

After looking around on Google, and try one by one method (example looking in a directory of Library like this here) that I have found, this one actually works for me.

I am not sure with a .rtf file, but this at least works with .txt file.

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