Storage Sense Windows 10 Feature – Get & Enable It

Storage Sense Windows 10

Storage Sense Windows 10 feature was introduced in version 1703 or Creators Update. And you will find this feature can be very much useful, here are why.

Every time you surf on the net, you collect a lot temporary files and your computer saves them in your device automatically. Not to mention, the files that you consciously add to your computer, like new programs, downloading files, and so forth.

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How to create Zip file in Windows 10

How to create Zip file on Windows 10

This built-in Zip function is actually found already in previous Windows OS versions, such as Windows 7, creating a Zip file from one or more files and folders in your PC.

It has nothing to do with your laptop brands though, as long as it has Win 10 OS in it, however this Windows 10 how-to post uses this Lenovo as the device.

So the old days, where you will need to install additional Zip software were over since then, because you can actually create Zip file easily without extra software.

How to Create Zip File in Windows 10?

You can create a Zip file from one file or folder or more, using two methods:

Method 1.

1. Prepare your file or folder.

2. Select the files or folders you want to send to a Zip.

Right click on the selected file, and select, “Send To” then click on, “Compressed (zipped) folder“. (see following screenshot)

Send To - Compressed ZIP
Send To – Compressed Zip

3. Then you can name the file with your custom name.

Method 2.

You can use this method, if you have File Explorer open.

1. Select your files or folders, then on the top, click on “Share“.

2. Then click on “Zip” icon. Name your file.

ZIP File inside File Explorer by clicking Share, and ZIP
in File Explorer, Share – Zip

Then how do we unzip our file?

To unzip the file, you can easily double click the Zip file, and it will extract it.

Windows 10 9888 Downloaded and Previewed

Windows 10 9888

A few days ago, I have watched a video showing Windows 10 9888 build preview that leaked on YouTube.

I downloaded the iso of this build version from here, and installed it on a Virtual Machine, and although not too different than the official preview version, it still shows some new features that I haven’t seen before.

Sergey wrote the change log he could find, and of course I am curious to try it myself too in my own computer.

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