How to Use FileZilla FTP 2014

General setting SFTP FileZilla

I’ve posted almost similar post in my WordPress tutorial blog years ago, but it didn’t focus on how to use FileZilla entirely.

Why do we need to use FTP client like FileZilla?

If you follow or even subscribe (thank you for this!) in my YouTube videos (click here to see adding YouTube subscribe watermark tut), you may notice, most of my tutorials use cPanel to navigate in my web host.

It’s not that I don’t use FTP, but I guess that’s the easiest method for beginner.

However, I want to stay up-to-date so I create this “How to use FileZilla” post.

You should use FileZilla or any other FTP client software or application, because it is an easy alternative to upload your file, and even big file, for example videos.

Using FTP is my second favorite, if uploading files to webserver is not working due to the uploading files limit.

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