Finding Dell Service Tag with Command Line

Dell Service Tag in Command Prompt

You need to find Dell Service Tag if you purchase a new Dell laptop like this one, and you’re in the USA, that will provide you many information, like warranty, your Dell laptop model, the compatibility, upgrade options, etc.

To have this option, you will need a unique number, which contains 7 characters to identify your laptop.

Although in the product support knowledge base, it states not all Dell products have this unique tag, but for laptops and computer, they have Service tag.

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Windows 8 Tips To Change Command Prompt Font Size

Change Command Prompt file size

I usually don’t have problem with reading small fonts, however the default font size of Command Prompt in Windows 8 is way too small for me. Not sure if I must check my eyes, but as I must open it, I had to change Command Prompt font size of my laptop.

This happened when I recorded my previous Windows 8 video tips about installing Octopress.

In Mac, you can immediately go to an application’s “Preferences” but in Windows, if you don’t get used to it, it’s a bit tricky.

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Install Octopress on Windows 8.1

Octopress Windows 8

The idea of how I finally install Octopress on Windows 8.1 is because I did it on Mac already.

And as always, I was being curious about Windows 8.1 operating system.

Simply “what about if I install Octopress on Windows” question. Then I tried to google around, and I write the method to install Octopress on Windows 8 that works for me below.

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