How to Open and Edit Hosts File on Windows 8.1

I am going to post another tips on my WP blog, and one of the steps is going to edit hosts file on Windows 8.1, follow these steps if you want to update your Windows 8 to 8.1 version.

I always wanted to post this, because I myself can’t remember the path, so I need these steps, so I decided to post it and collect it as my own library on my own blog.

If this method doesn’t work for you, you might want to see this resource.

One thing I must mention here, you should really backup the hosts file before you edit it. You can go to this path:


Then copy and save the old hosts file somewhere, that if you later on still need it, you can find and use it again easily.

The steps to open and then edit hosts file on Windows 8.1

I am sure there are many ways, but here is the method that I personally use, everytime I need to open it.

1. In your desktop, hover the right top area of your screen until you see the Charm bar. Then click the “Search” icon, and type, “Notepad“.

Hover top right- Charm bar
Hover top right- Charm bar
Open Notepad as Administrator
Open Notepad as Administrator

2. Select Notepad icon, right click, and click on “Run as Administrator“.

3. This will open Notepad program as an Admin. Click “Yes” if it asks the permission dialog box.

3. Go to “File“, then, “Open” in Notepad’s menu bar.

File - Open on Notepad
File – Open

4. Navigate to the path where your hosts file located, should be inside: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\

5. In my case, you will see empty folder inside “etc” folder. To show the file, on the bottom, you will see “File Name” box, and next to it, there is a drop down menu, which you can select, “All files“, select your “hosts” file and then then click “Open” button.

Edit hosts file windows 8.1
Show “All Files”

6. Edit it when it’s needed, and to save, you can go to “File” and then “Save“.

Saving new hosts file
Saving new hosts file

There you go, you can do this in about 2 minutes, and it worked.

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