Find Windows 10 Version and Build Numbers

Do you want to find Windows 10 version in your computer? Do you have this question, what version of Windows 10 do I have? How to find this out? I will show you many and EASY step-by-step methods, and quick.

I wrote this easy-to-follow tutorial to find out is your system 64-bit or 32-bit should you need it as well.

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Video How To Find Windows 10 Version

3 Methods to find Windows 10 version

  • Method 1 – With “About” in “Settings” Dialog box

1. Click “Start” button or Windows icon – then “Setting” or Gear icon. Alternatively, if you don’t modify your default keyboard shortcuts in your PC, you should be able to open the “Settings” dialog box using the keyboard shortcut. Win+i keys

Start and Setting Buttons to open your computer setting dialog box on Windows 10
“Start”, then “Settings”

2. System then About. The “About” button is located in the left side, and the info is located in the right side (see on the 2nd picture below)

System Windows 10
After “Setting” then “System”
About your Windows 10 dialog box you can find Windows 10 version, edition, and build numbers
About your Windows 10 dialog box

Here you’ll find the “Edition”, “Version” and “OS Build” in About dialog box.

  • Method 2 – With Run Command

1. Open Run, you can search “Run” in the search bar, or use a keyboard shortcut Win+R keys or right click your “Start” button and select “Run

Type Run in the search bar to open your Run dialog box in Win 10
Type “Run” without quotes in the search bar
Right-click the Start button to find Run
Right-click the Start button to find Run

2. Type in “winver” without quote.

Winver command on Run app
Type “winver” on your Run app

You’ll find the information “About Windows” you will look for. Although with this method, you will not find the complete info as we did in the first method as explained above.

About Windows 10 dialog box after you typed winver on Run
About Windows 10
  • Method 3 – With Command Prompt

Open your Command Prompt by right-clicking your Start button, and you’ll see some info on the top of it as shown in this below screenshot.

Right click Start button then choose "Command Prompt (Admin)"
Right click Start button then choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”
Windows 10 version on Command Prompt
Windows 10 version on Command Prompt

Version and Build Windows 10 Explained

As far as I know, Microsoft updates work with the build number, not with version number. Hence the importance of the Build number.

My Windows version and build info are as shown as in the above screenshot;

1. Edition: Windows 10 Pro.

This means, I have Windows 10 Professional, yours can appear the same of different depending on what edition of Windows 10 your computer is currently having. Check out all version history of Win 10 on Wikipedia.

2. Version: 1703

Version in year and followed by month in the description. So this Windows version 1703 update was released on March 2017 or you can call it as “Creators Update”.

3. OS Build: 15063.632

The number 15063 describes which version of Win 10 is installed. And 15063 means the you have installed the 1703 (Creators Updates) version.

The 632 means, which cumulative updates are installed.

There we go, I can add any additional informations to this post. Let me know if you have them, just leave your comment below this post. I hope by now, you can find Windows 10 version and build numbers in your PC easily.