Enable or Disable Start-up Programs on Windows 10 Task Manager

I am currently having this problem with my PC. So whenever I switch my device on, I need “forever” to wait until my desktop is active and I can start using my own computer.

Sure, there are many ways to speed up your computer, and one of them is to alter your Start-up programs. These programs are the programs that will automatically start whenever your PC is turned on.

So no wonder, the more programs you have on Start-up, the slower your booting time.

Fortunately, also on Windows 10, you can always disable or enable the programs you want in your Task Manager.

Very simple and quick to do, yet it’s worth checking.

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Here are the steps:

1. Right click Win 10 icon, and select “Task Manager”

Windows 10 Task Manager
Windows 10 icon – Task Manager

2. If you never opened it, you will see blank dialog box, saying, “There are no running apps”

If you see this, click on “More details” with an arrow icon.

More details on Task Manager
Click on More details if you see this.

3. Now, that you have the details of your Task Manager, click on “Start-up” labeled tab.

Disable or enable Start-up programs on Task Manager
Start-up tab – Select program – Enable/Disable

4. You can disable or enable the Start-up programs, by selecting the program name, and click “Disable” or “Enable” button. If you do not see this button, you can try to login again using Administrator rights.

Let me know if this helps you.