Unable to Install Windows 10 9901 Build Parallel Desktop and VMware Fusion

Windows 10 9901 build can now be seen everywhere on the net, besides of the official tech preview of Win 10. WinBeta already published a video on trying it, and as a curious person, I tried to install it too.

However, I almost unable to install it because of an CPU error on Parallel Desktop, and another error on VMware, yes, I tried VMWare to see if it’s my Parallel Desktop’s problem.

I use both of them and tried to make it work on both of them too, so if you use another VM, then it may not work or may work, as I haven’t tried on other softwares.

When I tried the previous version that was leaked, I didn’t find any problems installing it.

For Parallel Desktop users

This is the error message:

the virtual machine wasreset by the operating system
The error message on Parallel Desktop 10

The fix is easy, I am using Parallel Desktop 10 and when you choose the host as “Other” and “Other” OS it will work.

Customize the setting before the installation
Check this option
Choosing Other and Other on Host
Other – Other host

To be able to choose the host to “Other” you will need to check the “customize setting before installation” option.

Then it will asks you these questions (on screenshots), click “Yes” to both.

Change location of hard drive
Change location of hard drive 1
Change Location of CD/DVD 1
Change Location of CD/DVD 1

If you can’t install Windows 10 9901 With VMware Fusion

In VMware is still the same, showing error, so I googled around, found people discussing it. Here is my fix, if you have the same CPU error, hopefully it can speed you up getting it running in your virtual machine.

1. Choose Windows 8 x64 host.

2. Then try to boot the ISO file. If it shows error, pause to suspend the installation process.

3. You don’t need to quit your VMWare.

4. Open your “Virtual Machine Library” if you’re using VMware Fusion 7.

5. The right click the name of you Win 10 installation label, and choose, “Show in Finder”

6. Choose your .vmwarevm file, and right click, select “Show Package Contents”

Then, look for a .vmx file, and right click, “open with TextEdit”

Add Firmware efi line
Add Firmware efi line

Under line that says, sata0:1.present = “TRUE” add this following line: firmware = “efi”

Be careful with the quotes, they are sensitive, they have to the same quotes with others.

Save this file.

7. The restart/reboot your Windows 10 9901 installation. It will show you something like this screenshot, just wait.

-> EFI Network…
>>Start PXE over IPv4._

Just wait, until you are in BIOS Boot Manager (see screenshot)

Unsuccesful efi
Unsuccesful efi
Windows 10 9901 Bios and boot normally
Hit Enter key to “Boot Normally”

Hit enter key (inside VM) to boot normally.

You will need to do this 3x.

Windows 10 9901 with easy snap all programs
Appearance of Windows 10 9901
windows10 9901 serial number
Thanks OzCash!

After that, you will be able to install Windows 10 9901, and if it prompts you a serial key, you can use this serial number that’s shown in the image above.

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