Ampps ionCube Loader Fatal error: The file /Applications/AMPPS/..

AMPPS ionCube Loader Fatal error: The file /Applications/AMPPS/ampps/softaculous/enduser/globals.php cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader. If you are the administrator of this site then please install the latest version of the ionCube Loader. in Unknown on line 0  – Are you currently searching for a solution to fix this?

Read this post on how I finally found a way to fix this Ampps ionCube Loader Fatal error message on a Mac.

Ampps ionCube loader error
The error message

After trying many ways, including downloading the .so file from the ionCube website. And It did not work for me.

The only thing that works for me was, update Ampps to the latest version.

Why I got this Ampps ionCube Loader Fatal error message

I have installed and used this localhost software for quite sometimes now, and I do really love this application. I have used version 3.6 until today, and it has been running well.

However, I don’t know why, all of sudden this morning when I opened my Ampps, I could not open it, only saw that error on my browser.

I didn’t change any configuration of my Mac or the application itself.

Try These Methods First

Of course, I have been googling around this error, to find out if I was the only person who got it. Or, is it a common issue using this software. And I found this forum thread from Softaculous. The method you can try first.

Basically you want to download the ZIP file and paste the file to /Applications/AMPPS/php-5.3/lib/extensions/ directory. Then restart your Ampps. I did this and it did not work 🙁

I keep on visiting forums (because I did not want to do the update, worried losing my stuff) that show me many people have this problem from the last years until recently. Most recommendations is downloading the newest ionCube loaders. I tried them all, was quite tired from copying, pasting, and restarting my app MANY times.

I also download the because I was using PHP version 5.6 but it did not work either.

When this method does not work for you as well, the last option, you may want to update your current version of your software to the newest version. I did it and it worked. There are a few things you should pay attention first before you do the update though.

How to Update Apps

My fix was to update my application. Before updating, you should backup the necessary files and folders, just to be prepared in case something happened. If your projects are WordPress websites, I recommend backing up all of your sites that you don’t want to lose, check out my video tutorial on this. I also showed you how to update MAMP a few months ago, check the tutorial if you need it.

In my experience of updating this software, I would NOT lose my projects, but just to be careful than being sorry, losing all of your work.

The folders you should back up:

Inside your /Applications/AMPPS/, backup these following folder somewhere else, I did it on my desktops: ampps, conf, MySQL, private, var, www. Additionally, you can also backup your hosts file of your computer. If you are using Windows PC, read my tutorial on how to find the Windows hosts file here, and for Mac users, you can find Mac hosts tutorial here.

Once you do the backup, you can visit their official guide on how to manually update the software.

Mac Users Guide
  1. Download the software update:
  2. Change PHP version to v. 5.6 by opening the software’s control panel -> Change PHP version (see following screenshots)
Ampps control panel
Ampps control panel
Changing PHP version in Ampps
Changing PHP version
  • Turn off the Apache, and the MySQL by toggling these button off (see screenshot)
  • Turn off Apache and MySQL on Ampps
    Turn off Apache and MySQL
  • Quit the Ampps application.
  • Open the terminal, and copy and paste these commands one by one. If you are in doubt about this, watch my below video tutorial for non-techie on how to do this.
  • cd /Applications/Ampps
    sudo /Applications/AMPPS/extra/bin/7za x -r -y (drag your downloaded file here)
    Enter your Mac login password.
    sudo chmod -R 755 /Applications/AMPPS

    Once you are done, restart your app and you will see it is updated and the error message will be gone.

    For other operating system users, you can read their guide above and the method will be almost similar to this method.

    Once I restarted the app, I was quite worried, because I did not have the mood to restore things again. Luckily, the app just works exactly the same, so I did not need to use the backup files. I just deleted mine, because I have all of my projects, mostly WP localhost projects.

    Let me know which method that works for you, I am interested to know this.

    So How do you get this Ampps ion cube loader error fixed? 🙂