Find Location of Your Mac Profile Account Picture

Ever wonder where to look for finding the location on your Mac profile account picture? That is the picture that you see wherever you logged in to your Mac.

Also, you can find this picture in your “System Preference” -> “Users & Groups”, but only in small size, and not the actual size, which the picture was taken.

To find the actual sized picture, it is very easy and quick. Thanks to StackExchange for this.

Steps To Find Your Mac Profile Picture

1. You got your Finder app active. This means, you have to see “Finder” word on the top menu next to “Apple” sign on your Mac.

If you do not have your Finder app active, just click the Finder app icon on the bottom left corner of your desktop. I posted almost similar tutorial on the past to find Library folder path.

2. Select “Go

If Finder app is active, you can click on "Go" on the top
Go, then “Go To Folder”

3. Then, click, “Go To Folder” or press 3 keys on your keyboard at the same time. SHIFT+CMD+G

4. In the box, under “Go To Folder“, copy and paste this path;

~/Library/Containers/ Pictures/
Go To Folder dialog box
Go To Folder dialog box, copy and paste the path here.

You should see your picture in .png file format, that is the actual size of your Mac profile account picture.

You Mac profile account picture is here
Your Mac profile account picture is here

See another tutorial about external hard drive is not shown on Finder here.