Install Octopress on Mac Mavericks Using RVM

I am recently curious about Octopress so I managed to install Octopress on Mac OS locally (Mavericks) and even deploy to GitHub and another one to my shared Hosting.

In this post, I am not going to discuss which one is better, I mean WordPress or Octopress, because they are totally different.

But what I am sure of, is, that if you want to create a private blog, I meant, you don’t have to care about SEO, or making money online, then, Octopress is a great platform.

Let’s start to install Octopress on Mac!

Install Octopress on Mac Mavericks OSX
Install Octopress on Mac Mavericks OSX

Another note, careful to follow this tutorial, I meant, if you are not sure you really want to install Octopress on your Mac then don’t.

I got Xcode installed, so I installed from AppStore, see more in this installing Homebrew tutorial.

Install Octopress on Mac Mavericks Video

Reference to install Octopress on Mac

Octopress official setup page

Step by step to install Octopress on Mac Mavericks

1. Download Git for Mac from here. Install it in your computer. Once it’s installed, you may want to get the latest version of git by copy and pasting this following code to your terminal.

git clone

2. Then, next is to modify our .bash_profile for amending the path by typing

nano ~/.bash_profile

and pasting this following code:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

then save, and exit.

Editing bash_profile on Mac
Editing bash_profile on Mac

Restart your terminal.

Now if you type

git --version

You should see “git version 1.9.0” as this post was created.

"which git" command output
“which git” command output

And when you type:

which git

It should say, “/usr/local/bin/git“. Basically telling that whatever we work or create later on with git, will be in this local directory that we as “Admin” created it, and not disturbing the System’s default organization.

The same case go with using Ruby with RVM, which is a Ruby Management Manager, that will manage our “local” Ruby environment.

3. Install RVM, you can also read it on Octopress RVM installation guide here.

Basically, copy and paste this to terminal:

curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby

Then, you will be asked to run;

source /Users/kimi/.rvm/scripts/rvm

Copy and paste that like to terminal (note: kimi should appear as your username)

Source code to run RVM
Source code to run RVM

4. Actually you can use this version (2.1.0) but in this tutorial I use version 1.9.3, the stablest.

So type:

rvm install 1.9.3


rvm use 1.9.3


rvm rubygems latest

5. We begin to install Octopress! the fun part that I like, also mentioned in my video.

In this tutorial, I wanted to install it inside my “Documents” folder, so I type

cd Documents


git clone git:// octopress

Note, you can change “octopress” as something else.
6. You can check your Documents folder, there must be a folder called, octopress.

Then type these following commands one by one line into Terminal:

cd octopress
gem install bundler
bundle install
rake install

You should have classic original Octopress’s theme inside your Octopress folder.

To generate your site and preview type:

rake generate && rake preview

Open, localhost:4000 in your browser, and you will see your site.

From here on, you can read more docs on Octopress site, or subscribe this blog for another tips 😀

So did you install Octopress on Mac ? If yes, how 😀

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