Change Firefox Top Bar Background or Firefox Theme

Do you see the changes of Firefox top bar background to black after the update? How to change that Firefox dark background to light or white background? In order to change the black-background top bar, you will need to change the Firefox’s theme. It’s quick to fix it.

After FF update to version 53, it seems the developer team changes the Firefox top bar background to black. When I first realized this, it hurted my eyes to be honest. It is a personal’s preference. If you don’t like this either, you can change this, so let’s do it.

Change Firefox Top Bar Background For Mac Users

1. Open Firefox

2. Click on “Tools” on the top menu bar.

Tools then add-ons
Tools -> Add-Ons

3. Find, “Add-Ons” select it. This will open “Add-ons Manager” tab. Click here if you want to see how to use Firebug add-on with this browser

4. Click “Themes”

Add-ons Manager, themes, and change the theme
Choose “Themes”

5. Choose “Light” theme, by clicking on “Enable” button on the right.

You will see the instant change immediately after clicking that button. To bring back the dark color, re-enable the default theme. Additionally, if you wonder what version of your FF browser is, you can always look for this info on the application’s preference. In this case, because we use Firefox app, while FF is active, you can look at “Preferences” → “About Firefox”. When you click that, you will see many infos about the app. When I wrote this post, mine was on version 53.

Change Firefox Top Bar Background For Windows Users

1. Open FF program

2. On the right corner, you will see “Open Menu” icon (see screenshot below), click that button.

Change Firefox top bar background for Windows users
On Windows PC

2. Look for “Add-Ons” click that, and choose the “Enable” button next to “Light” theme.

You should be able to see the instant changes as well on Windows PC.