Set Gmail As Default Email Using Chrome or Firefox

I remember when my mother in law complained about getting spams, and a lot of spams daily in her free mail provider I told her to get her new email account in gmail. I guess she is happy now that she did it.

Gmail becomes the most popular free email provider today, besides Yahoo or Hotmails. The reason is it has a very clean interface, and less of spams.

And because of this, a lot of people also want to set their gmail accounts as their default email.

This is when you surf on a homepage, you will often see mail to html code, like this Mail me. (warning it will open your mail programs or application if it’s clicked.

Googling around the gmail notifier, Google said, it’s no longer supported, but fortunately, with Chrome and Firefox, it’s very easy.

So let’s get started with today tips.

How to set gmail as default email with Chrome

Using Version 31.0.1650.63 when this post is written.

1. Log in to your gmail account.

2. While logged in, and while on gmail page, on the right top, you will find an omnibar which looks like this:

Omnibar chrome
Omnibar chrome
set gmail as default email
Set gmail as default email

Click it. Choose “Use Gmail”. Click “Done”.

This will enable you to click any mail link with your gmail’s compose new mail template.

How to set gmail as default email with Firefox

Using version 26.0

On Firefox “Preferences”, “Applications” tab, scroll and find, “mailto” and select “Use Gmail” as the action.

Mailto use gmail Firefox
Mailto use gmail Firefox

We’re done. It will do the same like in Chrome above.

How to set your previous email app or program back?

I mean, if you set gmail as default email, you will see mailto use Chrome (default) in Firefox preferences (as shown in picture below), how to use back?

mailto use chrome default
mailto use chrome default


1. In Chrome, right top, you will see this button.

Setting Chrome
Setting in Chrome

Click it, select, “Settings” or CMD+,.

Show advanced settings
Show advanced settings

Scroll, and click “Show Advanced Settings”.

2. Under Privacy, click “Content settings..”button.

Privacy content settings
Privacy content settings

4. In Content settings, scroll, click “Manage handlers

Manage handlers in  Content Settings
Manage handlers in Content Settings

5. In Protocol handlers, you will see the active protocol handlers, here, you should see gmail.

Protocol handlers showing gmail as the active protocol handlers
Protocol handlers showing gmail

Hover it, you will see “remove this site” link, click it, and then “Done”, “Done” button.

6. Then, in open your mail app, go to its “Preference”, “General” tab.

Default email reader mail app
Default email reader mail app

On “Default email reader” select “” back, and it will be back to Mail app as the default app.


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