Adding Subscribe Watermark in YouTube InVideo Programming

I guess I am a little bit late to discover this InVideo Programming feature on YouTube. Well, it started when I watched other people’s videos. I was wondering what the nice feature button on the tops of their YouTube videos.

Searching in Google, and found lots of tutorials about it, and I have managed to upload and see my watermark button on the top of my videos.

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When you hover on this icon, it will show you the YouTube channel name, and the amount of subscribers they have.

However, one that kills me being curious is that in other people’s videos, I found a nice red subscribe button when I hover their icon, I thought, of course I wanted to have this too!

The subscribe button without red button
No red subscribe button?

Search and search until I found this forum, and I didn’t understand it at first, but basically to see that red subscribe on hover button, you need to log in to YouTube with another channel account. This said, you can’t see your own red subscribe button, because you can’t subscribe to your own channel. So if you want to test yours, login with other channel’s account, and see your videos, and you will see it like I did in my video tutorial below.

So let’s get started and add the InVideo Programming feature

InVideo Programming feature

1. Login to your YouTube channel.

2. In the URL above, on your browser, after, add “/features” and hit return or enter key. feature on url feature

3. You’ll be in your channel’s setting features, on the left sidebar, look for “InVideo Programming”

InVideo Programming feature inside channel settings feature
InVideo Programming feature

Here, you’ll have two options, first, “Add a watermark” and second, “Feature a video or playlist” option.

Add a Watermark

This will display small image or icon on your video, like in below image, so when people (logged in to their YouTube account) they will see red subscribe button when they hover your image.

Red subscribe YouTube button on hover
Red subscribe YouTube button on hover

Click the “Add a watermark” button, and it will ask you to upload your image (it can be your channel image, logo or any images). The best image will be on .png file that has transparent background, and having 800x800px.

InVideo Programming options, there are two of them
InVideo Programming options
Uploading watermark
Uploading watermark
Display time option of watermark
Display time option

If in case, you will see that your image is not sharp enough, you will need to modify it until you will get sharper quality, but 800x800px has the best quality.

After you upload and save the “Save” button, it will be displayed in all of your videos.

Featured a video or playlist

Choosing Featured video or playlist
Featured video or playlist
select video or playlist
Select video or playlist

This will enable you to add your recent video link and thumbnail in the bottom left of your video like in this screenshot. Mine, I set it to at the end of the video.

Featured video option
Featured video option

So, if you haven’t used this feature, I recommend you to try it 😀

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