How to Put More than One Ads in YouTube Videos

Why do I want to know how to have more than one ads on YouTube? Once I watched a TV video show (Indonesian one) on YouTube and it has around 7 ads in one YouTube video itself. It was kind of irritating to pause the talk show, and waiting for these 7 ads to play, however as a YouTube channel owner myself, I was wondering, how could this YouTube video has something like this, I want to know it! 😀

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More than one ad on YouTube video
Two ads on YouTube video

So I started to google around, and finally found the answer, it uses the Mid-roll ads insertion feature from YouTube. This is the official page about this.

A requirement to have this feature on your YouTube videos, your video must be more than 10 minutes long.

If it is less than 10 minutes, you would not have this feature.

More than One Ads in YouTube Videos with Mid-roll Ads Insertion

1. Login to your YouTube channel, or go this URL:

Replace kimmimebaby with your channel name.

Recent uploads page
Recent uploads page

Make sure, “All videos” button is activated, then in “Recent uploads” videos, you will see a right arrow, and click the overlay, “30+ more” button.

From this page, you will see, which video has more than 10 minutes length from the black timer icon on the left bottom of the video’s thumbnails.

2. Choose which video you want to put more than one ad in YouTube.

Pencil icon, Info and Settings icon
Pencil icon, Info and Settings option

This will bring you the video page, click on “pencil” icon below the video itself, which is “Info and Settings” button icon.

3.In Info and Settings Page, click on “Monetization” tab, here you will see Instream ad option, like “Show pre-roll ads”, “Mid-roll ads”, and “post-roll ads”.

Monetization tab - Mid-roll ads insertion
Monetization tab – Mid-roll ads insertion

You can add another ads, by specifying the time on “Mid-roll ads” time, mine, for example, I set it to 7:30.

This means, after 7 minutes, 30 seconds, the second ads will appear.

Small note I need to mention here, having more ads in your YouTube videos can irritate your visitors.

So I also am still in testing stuff at the moment, before I decide to use it always in the future.

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    • Hi Helen,

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      I currently reduce using more ads on the videos, because it seems to distract my users, though I noticed ads earning increase 🙂

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