IPS screen ASUS M580VD and Its Alternatives

IPS screen ASUS M580VD question? If you have wondered about this, the answer is no, this laptop does not have an IPS screen or a 4k display, read our ASUS M580VD-EB76 review . So if you are considering to buy this laptop, and want an IPS display there are other options.

IPS screen vs TN screen comparison

Here is a decent comparison to add on your consideration.

PriceTN screen
Viewing AngleIPS
Response TimeTN screen
Refresh rateTN screen

All devices have pros and contras, so do screen of your laptops.

No IPS screen ASUS M580VD
Left: ASUS M580VD with TN Screen. Right: an IPS screen

Two of advantages of having a TN panels are they are CHEAP and most of them have better response time. Apple never shipped their computers with TN display.


1. Dell Inspiron 7567 Gaming Laptop with IPS

Not only it has better 4GB GTX 1050 GPU (while the ASUS has 2GB) this Dell Gaming Edition Series laptop has an IPS display. Check this out if you wish to have a bit older version of this laptop.

2. HP Pavilion 15 Power Touch Gaming Notebook

Thesedays, TN display laptops are good enough if you want to save your money. But there is actually reasonable priced laptop with IPS screen, like HP Pavilion model.

With this HP Pavilion power, you have the same powerful 4GB GTX 1050 like the Dell Inspiron above, but you have also a touchscreen, and 16GB! RAM for about 1000 bucks.

Add your alternative if you find one below on comment section.

DIY IPS screen ASUS M580VD

How about if you have bought it, no IPS screen ASUS M580VD and wondered if you can do something about it, you can. Either you will do it yourself with knowledge or having an expert to install it for you. Just be aware of the risk if you do it yourself.

The AU Optronics panel may be your answer to replace the screen of your current TN laptop to have an IPS gamut screen. The gamut of your laptop screen is the ability of it to be able to display colours range.

Video below showing you how to replace your TN screen with an IPS, please don’t follow if you are not sure about it

All in all, you will notice the difference between TN and IPS screens if you are looking at a picture that has high contrast. Most of TN screens cannot display dark as well as bright parts of your picture accurately. So if you don’t work much with precision on your device, the obvious difference you’d notice is more to the washed-out looks on TN panels.