When Time Machine isn’t Working in Yosemite

My Time Machine isn't working on Yosemite OS

I have recorded how I upgraded my Mavericks based Mac to Yosemite newest OS which was released not too long ago.

However, right after I upgraded, I found a strange thing happening with my Time Machine.

My Time machine isn’t working anymore. When I plugged in my external hard drive to my Mac, it was detected on Finder, (if not, this link might help) but it was circle-ing all the time, and in my menu bar on the top right, showing “Preparing Backup” or “Backing Up from xx to xx GB”, it takes forever than usual.

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How To Upgrade Mavericks to Yosemite Mac OS X

Yosemite new appearance

I was attempted to try Yosemite OS X beta a few weeks ago in a VM on my Mavericks Mac, using Apple developer account, however I didn’t have time to install in a Virtual Machine, until yesterday, I’ve received an email that Yosemite OS X is released and free to download in App Store, for people who want to upgrade Mavericks to Yosemite OS X.

So I went to open the App Store, and yes, it was there. So I made a full backup of my Mac first, and while backing it up, I google about this new Mac OS.

Found some people want to downgrade or revert back to Mavericks, and it made me downloading the Mavericks.

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