Switching Tablet and Desktop Mode Windows 10 Tablet

Switch Tablet to Desktop mode Windows 10

Using Windows 10 on a tablet device is almost like using your Windows laptop, and it has more features.

Windows 10 or 8 to me, was built for tablet or standard conventional devices. For this, they enable us to use two styles of interfaces, one for a mobile device environment, and the other is, is an environment that you are used to, which is desktop mode in Windows 10 or 8.

There are also some cases, where, for example, you want to install an app or a program, and they will ask you to switch to desktop mode. Or you want to use the desktop mode, because you are more fond to the conventional Windows look than a mobile or tablet style.

When you are new to touchscreen devices that has Win 10 OS on it, you will learn these features day by day, I find them very fascinating.
One of those additional features are the ability to switch from Tablet looks to usual desktop mode, vice and versa.

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