Atom Text Editor Beta Quick Look

Authorize github update

Atom text editor, that is recently available for Mac users, is released on beta version. This text editor is created for years by GitHub. This is the official site.

//Update April 28th, 2014. You can download it now without invites.

//Update: I finally got an invite:

Atom text editor invite
Atom text editor invitation

If you need Atom Text Editor invites, you can comment here, or contact me with your email address, I will invite you.

This Atom text editor quick look or preview is from a non-developer or coder point of view, so I don’t really dive in into technical stuff that I don’t really know what they are.

Basically, switched from Windows to Mac 100% since a few months ago, I wanted to have a fast text editor. I recently have Coda 2 that is already very powerful, but sadly, it runs slower.

Then I have Sublime 2 (unregistered) and plan to purchase Sublime 3, but if the new Atom text editor will be better (faster for me) I will go for it.

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