Using Firebug Addon with Firefox

Firebug icon

Firebug addon is probably the most popular web developer tool that are used in the recent years.

VU32TJ9U7XU9 I started to know Firebug a few days after I installed my Firefox browser and my first WordPress site, and asked around in WP support forum about modifying my theme. If you need to set gmail as default email in Firefox, you can click here.

Although they were all helpful, the most often heard advice was installing Firebug.

Being curious what this tool can do, I installed it immediately with my browser, Firefox. In case you don’t find it inside Firefox, you can download here.

You can also still use Firebug if you use Chrome.

Then I started to love it.

Firefox’s built-in Tool vs Firebug

All through years, Firefox has many updates, and recently, it is integrated with web developer tool.

3D feature Firefox's web developer tool
3D feature Firefox’s web developer tool

Nifty features are added, like profiler, 3D view, HTML and CSS real time editor, which are many features that Firebug have. However, I can’t leave Firebug, and I guess so can’t other web lovers too.

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