Decent ASUS 15.6-Inch HD Dual-Core 2.16GHz Laptop, 500GB

I needed a full laptop personal computer, and not a netbook, or a Chromebook, so I really love this laptop. I use my desktop at home, and use a laptop whenever I am out of the house, to works with Excel or Word, Skype, iTunes, and YouTube.

I actually bought it from here as it’s bit lower in price.

I was a bit skeptical after seeing the price tag, as I was searching for an affordable laptop. The laptop isn’t powerful at all, but I like it because it’s a good machine.

While it is a good machine for basic computing, it can play games like Minecraft with low setting. I got 33-36 FPS playing it with full screen mode.

Decent ASUS 15.6-Inch HD Dual-Core 2.16GHz Laptop, 500GB

The cons

1. CD/DVD drive isn’t included. But who does need it these days? While this can be a con for others, I purchased this mainly because it has no CD/DVD drive as it will save on the laptop’s weight and consumption.

If you want the same model with DVD drive, you can get this instead, exactly the same device with optical drive.

2. Difficult to upgrade the RAM or Hard Drive. There aren’t any memory doors to upgrade the memory. I don’t recommend you to upgrade the RAM unless you are really skilled to do this.

There is only a way to upgrade, you need to take apart this machine (there are 9 screws on the bottom of the laptop), and this will probably break the warranty.

3. The battery isn’t replaceable or removable. You will need to unscrew those screws to remove it.

The Pros

1. Processor. The dual-core Intel Celeron CPU, which is the latest Bay Trail chip model that is built for demanding computing. This chip is able to handle your tasks quietly and won’t make your resources heavier. So if you want YouTube, browsing internet, and do MS Word, this ASUS 15.6-Inch HD Dual-Core 2.16GHz Laptop, 500GB is a good basic machine.

2. Solid. At this price, this laptop has nothing special on look, but is a functional device. Keyboard has chiclet style, good spaced keys, has numpad, sturdy design but simple. Screen isn’t full HD which is normal for a laptop at this price, but it has a 1366×768 resolution bright screen. (it’s not a touchscreen ASUS laptop)

3. Cheap. For this price and you will get full capable Windows 8.1 machine, it’s just insanely cheap.

4. Windows 8.1 I find the 8.1 version is just better from Windows 8.I recommend you to update if you have a Windows 8 PC. Better on and off power switch in the start screen and ability to close the apps in many ways.


Yes, there are devices that are in this price range, but they are mostly Chromebooks, which are nice, but they don’t have memories and functionalities like a full laptop like this ASUS 15.6 inch 2.16GHz dual-core machine. You can’t use MS Office or other Windows programs on a Chromebook.

It isn’t the fastest laptop, but it’s worth your money if you don’t look for a primary powerful machine. The price will be different from one store to another, if you hurry, you’ll get best price on Amazon. Outstanding value for a fully functional laptop at under 220 bucks.